Friday, May 18, 2018

Paintball Party Food And Decorations!

Ty's party was held at Wolf's Paintball in Riner, Va.  It's a very rural area, surrounded by beautiful mountains.  I actually took video footage during my drive up there, which I will share later.  I didn't want to invest TOO MUCH time into decorations because God's creation was truly enough visual candy to take in! I also couldn't guarantee the weather.  AND well... truth is... we are dealing with teenage boys.  LOL!

The paintball facility provided five picnic tables underneath a mental covering.  And then an additional 6 picnic tables outside of shelter.  There were thunderstorms in the horizon, so I only utilized the covered tables.  (2) tables were for the guests.  (1) table for the food.  (1) table was for the cake and gifts.  What did I serve to eat and drink?
I served a rainbow collection of soft drinks and mini water bottles.  
A rainbow veggie platter.  This photo was taken after the party, so ignore the fritos.  LOL!  This was actually a Mother' Day snack.

A nice selection of chips.
I loved the cheese balls reminded me of paintballs, so they were my favorite food item.  
I served a delicious selection of fruit.  I used my melon baller because I thought it would be so adorable to have the fruit replicate paintballs.  I am not sure anyone caught on.  LOL!
The main portion of the meal was dominos pizza! I ordered (10) pizzas: 5 cheese and 5 pepperoni.  
I scattered a rainbow collection of candy as centerpieces.  The boys devoured these centerpieces FAST.
Pixie Stix.
I wanted the tablescape to be masculine, fun, and "fancy".  
I purchased Martha Stewart's party plates from her new collection of party supplies.  The plates were gold rimmed, black, and polka dotted.  I paired it with paint splat dinner napkins and 13th Birthday beverage napkins.  The paint splat napkins came from an art party collection.  It still worked.  I used gold plasticware.  I centered each boys' "paintball ammunition" bubble gum directly onto their plate.  It also held the napkins down.  
I ordered this PERFECT paintballer trophy as a centerpiece and then I planned to give them away to the guest with the biggest WELT and the FTW (for the win).
I still needed cups!
I had to pick my mouth up off of the floor when I spotted the below cups on ETSY. From the LITTLE information shared on Pinterest, I thought for sure Ty was one of the ONLY people in the world to have a paintball party.  
I immediately placed an order with Charming Touch Parties from ETSY.
This company really provided excellent customer service.  My order and shipment arrived very soon after I made my purchase.  
I bought (10) cups to say "Game On" and (10) cups to scream the number "13". These cups were truly the FINAL detail and I believe completed the party table's look.  Don't hesitate to contact them for all of your party needs.  
Charming Touch Party company is made up of TWO best friends doing what they love, TOGETHER.
I used my Heidi Swapp Light Boxes and Letter Boards to create a more personal touch.  
I debated on the above light box, but I figured "What the heck!" Why not provide a little PG-13 humor.  
And then of course, the one below, "You can't please everybody! You're NOT Fortnite!"
I am not sure what else I could have done to make this table more festive and keeping it within the masculine look requirement. I am so pleased.
The absolute hardest part was keeping these tables "organized".  As soon as the party bus arrived... the boys sat down immediately and started touching EVERYTHING and testing on the candy.  The candy was spilling everywhere.  Drinks were being spilled.  LOL!  So each time they would play a round of paintball, don't you KNOW I was freshening up the tables BIG TIME.  
At one point, before the boys arrived, it was TORRENTIAL down pour raining.  I was praying constantly and hard. I was thankful for the metal covering.  It didn't mess up any of these amazing details.   
Other than what you see... I just had balloons.  I bought (2) balloon bouquets and a #1 and #3 to create a #13. It was just enough to scream birthday and not too much went wasted.  

Officially A Teenager ~ Birthday Cake!

The official theme for Tyson's party was paintball, but there was also a hint/twist of the game FortNite.  I had several cake ideas in mind.  I had (2) paintball cakes and (3) FortNite cakes that I was really contemplating. However, this was a milestone birthday and a big deal to BOTH of us, so I wanted something at his party to scream "Officially A Teenager!". I decided that that "something" to be his cake.  Recently, I discovered a new bakery in town. It's located in Downtown Roanoke.  The name of the bakery is called Freshly Baked Bakery. I was thankful to have the opportunity to work with them during the month of May. They were SWAMPED with graduation and wedding cakes.  
I described to the owner, Sarah, exactly what I wanted and even shared a photo of both Ty and his bedroom, along with all of his hobbies and loves: Playstation, Basketball, Virginia Tech, attends Glenvar Middle School, Golden State Warriors, Steeler's, iPhone, Sleeping In! 
Steeler's Football
Dirty Socks
Glenvar Middle School!
To hear a little bit more about this cake, watch the video below.  There is ALSO a backstory to why I decided on a cake like this one.
TY and his friends loved it.  I had a hard time capturing photos and videos while the boys' sang.  So... the video below is all I have documented.  BOOOO!
Thank you Freshly Baked Bakery for sharing your talent and for making people's events extra memorable!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Paintball Party Favors!

So many people told me NOT to do party favors for Ty's party.  "They're too old!", "It's not necessary!" "Party favors are an extra expense!" "It's not the guests birthday, it's Ty's birthday!" But I just cannot have a party without party favors.  I LOVE party favors and I believe it's the FINAL detail that sends the party guest home NEVER allowing them to forget the party and all of the details. Party favors are a present thanking your guest for their presence.  

I thought using a variety of rainbow colored bags, to represent the paintball theme, but I have a difficult time with the rainbow icon since it's be recreated to mean something else.  SO... that left me to come up with another idea.  I chose to make my OWN paintball bags.  
I purchased an $8.00 collection of craft smart paint, paint brushes, and a cloth tarp.  I think the total investment was $15.00.  
I poured about 1/4 cup of paint into glass cups.  I watered down the paint, so that the paint was not so thick and easy to splatter.  YES! SPLATTER!!!!
The white bags came from Michael's Craft Stores.  I believe they were $9.99 for 13 bags.  I needed two packs.  Ugh. I used a 40% off coupon.  
I laid out the tarp.  And go to work, splattering paint all of the white bags.  I was a nervous wreck about doing this because I didn't want to mess up my garage floor or those beautiful, crisp, white bag.  The best part about this craft job is that truly NO paint splatter would be wrong.  The "uglier" the better. This is probably the coolest, "funnest", most original idea I've ever had. I saw this idea done on helium balloons, so I switched things up and did it on white bags instead.
Thank you to my hubby for being my videographer on his lunch break.  HEHE
The end result was EXACTLY what I was envisioning.  
After each bag was complete, I would lift it up and find this gorgeous art, on accident.  HAHA.  You can see exactly where the bag was lying.  
What do you give 12 and 13 year old boys at a paintball party? You all... I found the MOST PRICELESS and PERFECT items.  First up, 
Candy Buttons: Five Below
Don't they look like paintballs?
A Pack of Bunch O' Balloons: Five Below
GOBLIES: Michael's Craft Stores.
Smog Balls (Crunchy Candy With a Sour Chewy Center)
How beautiful are they?!
Paintball Splattered Sugar Cookies: #13: Freshly Baked Bakery made these BUT..
When they made them... they looked like this.... I wasn't completely satisfied.  
I wanted more primary colors, so I "fixed" them. I was satisfied after adding the green and red royal icing.  
Paintball Ammo: Aka A Mason Jar Filled With Bubble Gum
I am so obsessed and proud of the end result.
I attached a tag and a little wording that read, "Best Loot Ever."  LOOT is something related to the FortNite game. 
I also attached a paintball mask on the front of handmade gift bag.
Ty's friends were shocked that they were receiving a party favor bag!  They seem so excited and very thankful