Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Candy Bouquet!

Lilah's opening night ARRIVED!!! It was so anticipated and we were so ready to watch her perform in her first debut!  What would I give her on opening night after she finished? I know my daughter well enough, AND really ANY KID for that matter, to know that flowers would only excite her momentarily.  THEN, they are a burden, a responsibility, and... quite frankly a waste of money because they die. Don't get me wrong... flowers are gorgeous.  I love God's creation of a flower, but I think flowers should just remain on a table, in the ground, or in the most necessary times, used for weddings and funerals.  

CANDY is a HUGE favorite in our home. Not by me, but by my children.  SO... I scouted the local stores for UNIQUE candy items and/or Lilah's favorite candies.  Some of the candies below she had never tried.  Some she only gets to have on occasion.  
I taped a lollipop stick to the back of each pack of candy! Then, I inserted the stick into a cylinder shape piece of foam, just as you would arrange flowers into a vase.
I inserted a printable that read, "Lilah, Break A Leg! Love Daddy & Mommy"
I almost forgot to take pictures of the finished product, so these photos aren't the greatest.  I took these outside of the restaurant our family was eating at, right before the play started.  LOL!  Talk about last minute.  Lilah's expression when we handed the candy bouquet to her was BEYOND priceless.  She was so impressed AND so were the rest of her castmates.  The younger ones were slightly jealous.  LOL!  As their eyes bugged out, even one exclaimed, "Is that for US?" I felt so bad that I had to say, "No honey! It's for Lilah!" Eeeeek! The next few plays, I saw parents arriving with store bought candy bouquets from Kroger. I felt flattered that both the parents and castmates loved my idea.

When giving a gift, really consider who you are giving it to and what they love.  Be UNIQUE.  Be INTENTIONAL.  Don't just give the ordinary. 

Monday, February 19, 2018

A Guns-N-Roses... Gift!

Darren and I have been together since 1992.  We are blessed beyond measure and we really want for nothing.  In the past, giving gifts to each other was easier because we had actual needs  Eventually, our needs were wants, but now I am not even sure we have wants.  We truly are content with what we have. Other than maybe finding a nice piece of property, in the Glenvar area, to build a house on AND an occasional vacation or weekend getaway from both our children and dogs... we feel like we truly have it all.  SO... buying gifts for each other has been more challenging and difficult.  It takes creativity, intentionality, and planning.  

Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday aside from the obvious (Jesus' birth and resurrection).  Let's face it though... it's kind of a woman's holiday.  No woman ever gets attacked for forgetting her husband on Valentine's Day.  However, there is an ACTUAL holiday, the day after Valentine's Day, called "Dog House Day!". My guess is that the holiday was truly designed only for MEN! Eeeekkk.... maybe I am wrong here.  But, men do get put in the dog house, often, for forgetting their wives or being lazy on occasions such as LOVE DAY!

Anyway, I feel like men have it easy.  They can do chocolate or flowers or even jewelry and bam... they are done.  Although my man says that flowers and chocolate are a total cop out.  It lacks creativity and is simply... well... a given.  I mean, have you been to Kroger the day before or day of? It's a NIGHTMARE.  Every man in America, but mine - haha- is doing what every other man in America is doing... last minute shopping.
Women, on the other hand, really are limited.  I mean I guess we can do the standard cologne or candy, maybe even a pair of boxers with hearts on it, but my hubby doesn't eat candy and there are only so many bottles of cologne one needs.  This year, I was really struggling.  UNTIL... I decided to add to Darren's scotch collection. *Side note: I am NOT glorifying drinking. We have an occasion drink and we enjoy it responsibly.* I found a bottle of scotch called, "Four Roses".  Then, I walked up to the register to pay and spotted a pistol filled with tequila.  We don't even like tequila, BUT we do like guns. So... since it's a limited edition made bottle, even numbered, I bought it.  AN being who I am... I had to find a creative way to title it and deliver it.  It's titled: "Guns-N-Roses".  Hehe.  I created the rhyme/printable above to go along with the gift. Maybe we will make some margaritas.  Maybe Darren will just display this in his safe for... well.... no one to see.  LOL!  This wasn't his only gift.  Just one of my more clever gifts, in my opinion.  
This gift would be EXTRA special IF we Darren loved the band Guns-N-Roses, but ... he doesn't.  

Lori Burt...

Where have you been all of my life!!!? O.M.GEE. Ya'll, about a week ago, I was "@", on Instagram, from a friend who knew how much I would LOVE to win a contest that "lbprojectprint" was having! I had never heard of Lori Burt, but I didn't have anything to lose. Truthfully, I don't even recall seeing the details about WHAT I would win because I could only focus on those cute, lip paperclips that she was giving away.
Days prior, I had just rushed off to Target after a SeneSister of mine spotted them, in her town, at Targer. Sadly, no lips paperclips were found.  
My sister, who is also a SeneSister, and I, just days prior to winning, had an in depth conversation about how OUR contest, raffles, and giveaways are REAL, but we were skeptical of others who throw contests. We just assumed it's a deceptive ploy to gain followers. However, when it comes to LIP items, of any sort, I am not passing up an opportunity to at least TRY & WIN!

AND THEN... Lori Burt did a InstaStory, showing the winner, and the WINNER was ME! [Insert shocked emoji face HERE].  

Again, I thought I "just" won the adorable collection of items above.  BUT then... I realized, I also won a mini print of MYSELF designed and illustrated by Lori.  I was also able to share this WIN with a friend.  I chose my sister because I knew she'd greatly appreciate these girly lip items as well.  
I became pretty obsessed with this look IMMEDIATELY. I needed MORE than a mini print... I couldn't stop there. Lori Burt and I decided to collaborate together. In addition to what I had already won, Lori blessed me with an additional pdf file which included my very own Facebook Header (shown above), a profile graphic, a 4x6 thank you card, and the actual illustration for me to use! I'd LOVE to use Lori to rebrand my company eventually. I am looking into this on my 1-year anniversary, in April. 
Working with Lori was SIMPLE.  She is ON TOP of it.  Even though this was a giveaway, she treated it as if I was paying for it! She finished my print in less than 24 hours.  All I had to do was send her a photo of myself and my sister.
If you desire an illustration of your own, contact Lori, and PLEASE tell her that I referred her to you!!
I mean, every LIPBOSS needs an LBProjectPrint. Check Lori out HERE, to learn more about her talents, her business, and all of the products that she has to offer.
I have several LipBoss outfits that I would LOVE to have drawn up and of course we have 57 shades of LipSense (currently), so the options for notecards and personal images are endless. I've been telling my hubby for years, "If I could go back in time, I would go to college to be a graphic designer, chef, or baker!"  I will live vicariously through Lori. LOL! I am slightly "jelly" that I don't know how to do something like this. Lori, thank you kindly for EVERYTHING.  I look forward to either collaborating again or doing business with you in the very near future. P.S.  Now, it's your turn to try LipSense. Hehe.  

Friday, February 16, 2018

You Love Me Better Than [Five Guys] Combined!

Darren and I love giving gifts to each other.  We LOVE being creative.  We don't give the obvious, the standard, or the mundane year after year.  We go out of our way to show each other that we put thought into every detail. 
I have several Valentine's Day gifts for him (we celebrate tomorrow, February 17th) and this is ONE.  
I bought him a gift card to Five Guys, so we can go out to lunch and enjoy a yummy meal. THAT is BORING... but what's NOT boring is what the gift card is attached to.
I came up with the idea/tag line all by my lonesome and designed a cute printable.  I am sharing it with you HERE! T.G.I.F.