Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Elf On The Shelf - Day #17

Are you sick of Christmas in April yet?  Haha.  I promise produce more CURRENT posts this week too, but I have got to get some of Christmas documented.  

On Day #17 of the Elf On The Shelf, our elves dressed up in their favorite tacky sweaters and left a few outfits for the twins' holiday party.  Ty didn't get anything, but he didn't seem phased. He probably wouldn't have worn it anyway. Plus, as the old saying goes, "If you don't believe, you don't receive!"
I think I like Napoleon's the best! Christmas lights just make everything brighter.
Jax was given a shirt that reads, "Chillin' with my SNOWMIES!" I LOVE this shirt so much! Hysterical.  
Lilah received a light up, MOOSE sweater.  
And some cute matching earrings.  
Both of the twins received some tacky, Christmas head gear.
 It doesn't get much more creative and fun than this!

Elf On The Shelf - Day #16

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! As if the cheerios wasn't messy enough.  On Day #16, our elves stuck colorful post it notes ALL. OVER. THE. KITCHEN. CABINETS.  Sigh...
They also left our kids a fun tablecloth to color.  
Above: The elves used three different color Post It Notes.
Below: They specified exactly what color was left for each kid.
Lilah: PINK.
Which, to me, meant that they had to clean up the Post It Notes that were left for them. AHAHAHA.
I love how they insinuated messages, like "Color Me" and "Clean UP" your color Post It Notes, by leaving a large array of coloring tools.  
It looks like the elves already began coloring a little bit of the tablecloth.  
What a total mess. I can't deny that it really was pretty though.

Baby It's Cold Outside - BW5 Musical.lys

I love my my man, my marriage, and my family.  We try to be fun and creative and we don't care if it's cheesy or dumb to others.  We have been enjoying the app "Musical.ly" at ton.  Lilah is amazing with the app. Darren and I are clueless about how to really use it.  We just find duets to do together and Lilah instructs us.  Here... we acted out, "Baby It's Cold Outside". These are such great memories that we can look back on one day.

Elf On The Shelf - Day #15

On Day #15, the elves reminded us that "[Our] House Is Under Elf Surveillance." I found this awesome, front door mat at BIG LOTS.
And then... as if the mat isn't perfect enough... guess who arrived? Well, the ELF himself... Will Ferrell. I mean, it doesn't get any BETTER than that!
The kids woke up to this funny face starring at them as they walked down our stairwell.
This inflatable, normally $69.99, was sold to me for $24.00 because it was the FLOOR model and the box was missing.  SCORE! Thank you LOWES Home Improvement.  It is the greatest addition to our elf collection.
If anyone woke up in a BAD mood, their mood was immediately lifted, morning after morning, as they walked passed Will Ferrell each day.